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❓ What does it take to access & develop your dark-side and masculine edge to act with courage & conviction

Quick prompts

  • How does this fact fit into my idea of …?
  • How can this phenomenon by explained by that theory?
  • Are these 2 ideas contradictory or do they compliment each other?
  • Isn’t this (X) argument similar to that (Y) one?
  • Haven’t I heard this before?
  • What does X mean for Y?

My Thoughts

  • Argument
  • Counter-Argument
  • “Fact”
  • Personal Experiences
  • Question
  • Open Loops
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  • Compare with:
  • Related:
  • Influenced by:
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Dissecting the Human Nature By Challenging Conventional Wisdom & Common Sense To Unite People At Scale

Go Down The Rabbit Hole of Truth With Reckless Abandon.