A Little Bit About The Man Behind This Page & This Quest

*Did I say Yerba Mate ?

Hey Hey.

Konrad here.

A little backstory about me in a nutshell…

Born and raised in the country full of Polish people – Poland. In a unknown 3rd biggest city – Lodz.

Decided that collage is not for me. Instead I chose hardcore travels as my school.

First, hitchhiked around Iceland for 1 month – survived.

Then, hitchhiked & voluntereed in South America (Chile, Argentina, Paraguay) – learned patience.

Finally, cycled (on a bicycle, yes :D) from Mexico to Colombia. Well, Panama, and then sailed from Panama to Colombia 🙂

At the end of that last trip I decided to dip my toes into business…

And here I am now, writing to you and having a go at this thing called podcast.