Show Notes:

🔥 In the second episode of Quest For Questions Podcast, you’ll hear from someone who has worked in the music industry for 38 years, is a master storyteller and despite his 60-years is still most curious person in the room, wherever he goes. To my surprise, Steve’s father was from Poland, which made for a great pre-show talk 🙂

You’ll hear stories like:

* How Steve went from pursuing an acting career, through becoming a rockstar to finally helping stars like Ed Sheeran, Metallica & Billy Idol shape their narratives.
* How he landed a job at Warner media and made a positive nuisance of himself
* The moment he realized that he’s a big fish when walking down the street, minding his own business, he got recognized by Ace Frehley from the band KiSS

If you stick long enough you will even hear advice on creating your own story that will make people fall in love with your art.

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