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Welcome to the Quest For Questions podcast, where each week I ask not so common questions, to not so common humans in search of not so common answers.

Joining me today is someone who was either thrown or intentionally threw himself into chaos since he was 5 years old. Taka, went from trading on Wallstreet for the likes of JP Morgan, through 17 years of investing for big-ass hedge funds to founding two businesses in the blockchain space.

From moving back n’ forth between Japan and the U.S since he was a little kid to finally settling down in Singapore with his family. I promise you, he’s seen it all and is as wise as an old tree.

3 things you’re going to learn today;

We also touched on the state & future of blockchain, his Future Design podcasting project & a few other topics.

This is Konrad Yerba Mate Addict, and here’s my conversation with one and only Takatoshi Shibayama. Enjoy!

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