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I help B2B brands & business owners gain an unfair competitive advantage through clever copywriting, unconventional strategies, and a blend of voodoo alchemy.

B2B Influence Building  

As a podcast host and head of a B2B Influence at Voodoo Influence, I spend my days finding unique ways to strengthen people’s influence, and raise their status in even the most competitive industries. 

Unconventional Copywriting 

My first business, Killer Cold Email, catapulted me onto a journey across the world – from Poland to Vietnam and back to Poland. Since then I’ve written hundreds of cold email campaigns, scores of landing pages, and a wacky array of other business copy including voiceover scripts, podcast sizzles, etc… 

B2B Influence Building

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Strengthening influence in the B2B world is wildly irrational, strange and wacky – we call it Voodoo.

My team of strategists, copywriters and marketers, has helped:

🔥 Business thought leaders enter – and dominate – the podcast guest circuit.
🔥 Podcast hosts book influential guests like Robert Greene, Rory Sutherland and Rand Fishkin.
🔥 Unearth and connect business owners with power influencers that led to 6-7 figure partnerships.

We specialize in that wacky grey area located somewhere between advertising and PR – the live conversation.


📈 When growing your influence in business, live conversations can happen in a lot of settings:

** Podcasts
** Panels
** Workshops
** Virtual conferences
** Expert roundups
** Bespoke 1-to-1 matchmaking

They all can give you the opportunity to flex your ‘business’ expert muscles publicly. These placements will expose you to passionate niche audiences and drive up the conversion rates on your existing prospects.


For qualified business owners – see criteria below 👇 – we’ll guarantee placements. In some cases, my team can train up your team on launching your own influence campaigns.

📜 Here’s a list of some of the things we do for B2B:

🔸 Book guest spots
🔸 Find podcast guests
🔸 Influencer outreach
🔸 Media outreach
🔸 Boost visibility / raise status
🔸 Leverage powerful influencers
🔸 Forge influential business relationships
🔸 Attract partners

Ultimately, we help the true experts gain validation and recognition in their industry niche.


Voodoo Influence is not for everybody. Typically, we’ll only work with about 1 out of 5 people that we interrogate…*umm* interview.

✔ You should be doing business in competitive, shark-infested waters.
✔ You should feel (and sound) competent in a live, unscripted setting.
✔ You should be open to unconventional messaging – getting in front of B2B influencers is hard, and ‘professional’ messaging just doesn’t work. You don’t have to be weird but we do.
✔ You should be an actual expert in your field, industry or discipline.


🔻 We don’t work with Instagram or YouTube influencers
🔻 We don’t work with generalists
🔻 We won’t write your press release

Again, this is not “brand awareness” (the high-school currency) or any social media influence crap. Instead, we help you validate your expertise in fiercely competitive industries at scale.

The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The true dangerous thing is asking the wrong questions.

– Peter Drucker

Unconventional Copywriting

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“The opposite of a good idea, can be another good idea.” 
– Rory Sutherland

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