From Icebreakers to Deal Makers:
Turn Your Cold Emails Into Business Opportunities

Feeling like your cold emails are getting lost in a sea of sameness?

It’s time to sprinkle some magic into your outreach and turn those ice-cold connections into scorching-hot business opportunities. With a dash of wit, a pinch of personalization, and a secret blend of battle-tested strategies, you’ll captivate your prospects and leave them begging for more. The journey from icebreakers to deal makers starts here.

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Are you Asking Yourself Questions Like...?

  • “Why are my emails getting a low open rate (<50%)?”
  • “Why am I getting no replies (or only angry ones)?”
  • “Why do I need a second domain and some email tool?”
  • “What should I test, when, in what order?”
  • “What do I write in the emails to get a positive response? In the follow-ups?”
  • “What subject lines work best?”
  • “Who is the best person/role to send my emails to? (manager, founder, generic, etc.)
  • “Where the heck do I find the contact information of my ideal type of client? How do I build a list of them?”
  • “How do I personalize the emails…at scale?”
  • “How many follow-ups should I be sending?”
  • “When should I be sending the emails…best hour/time of the day?”
  • “How do I move someone from a reply to a call to a closed deal?”
  • “Which email tool should I be using?? Lemlist, Woodpecker, Apollo…?”
  • “How do I protect my main email domain from potential problems?”
  • “How many emails can I and should I be sending…on a monthly basis?”
  • “How do I differentiate what I sell from the rest of the competition, in the email?”
  • “Should I send that 10-page presentation deck in the first email”?

The 3 Deadly Saboteurs of Successful B2B Cold Email Campaigns

Rise above these challenges and achieve B2B cold email mastery. From conquering the SPAM folder to ditching ineffective contact databases and breaking free from generic email templates.

Emails Landing in SPAM

Your offer and message could be better than anything on the market, yet it will not matter.
SPAM is the Public Enemy No. 1 of any B2B email campaign.

Contact Databases

Buying lists or putting any company that 'kinda' matches your target customer profile is a cold email suicide. Yet, that's what most businesses do.

Email Templates (& other one-message-fits-all)

In a cluttered inbox, generic templates fall flat, making it nearly impossible to stand out. No wonder why industry standard for open rate is 30% and the response rate is 1.7%.

“Creativity might be the last unfair advantage we’re allowed to have over our competition.”

– Bill Burbach

Crack the Cold Email Code:
Killer Blueprint for Unprecedented Results

Laser-Targeted Prospecting

Leave behind the spray-and-pray approach and discover the secrets of laser-focused targeting.

Together, we’ll craft your ideal client profile, enabling you to identify and reach the most qualified prospects in your market.

From advanced tools to ingenious strategies, I’ll guide you in creating highly targeted contact lists that guarantee maximum impact and boosted conversion rates.

Example Custom-Gathered Contact List
cold email text

Inbox Domination

Bid farewell to the dreaded SPAM folder and master the art of deliverability.

I’ll guide you through the intricacies of navigating email filters, ensuring that your cold emails land in the sacred inbox of your target audience.

With my proven strategies and expert insights, you’ll rise above deliverability challenges and unlock a world of increased open rates, engagement, and conversions.


Killer Messaging

Imagine capturing the attention of your prospects with captivating cold emails that demand a response.

My gift lies in crafting custom-tailored cold email sequences that make your prospects sit up, take notice, and eagerly respond. 

Experience the power of irresistible messaging and witness a surge in engagement, leads, and conversions like never before.

Customized Charm, Personalized impact

Experience the winning combination of customized charm and personalized impact. 

My system goes beyond basic personalization, crafting tailored messages that resonate with each prospect on a deeper level. 

From captivating opening lines to irresistible P.S. nuggets, we customize your emails to make recipients feel like you’ve written just for them

The 4-Step Iterative Process



We'll dig deep below the symptom surface and formulate the mess that's producing the current set of problems.


Idealized Design

Using the power of design thinking we'll design a system that fits your specific situation (rather than the other way around)


Possibilities & Obstacles

Using the power of imagination and creative thought, we'll craft options and figure out what stands in the way of turning them into a reality.


Prototype, Experiment & Assess

We'll put together the first alpha version and test it against reality. We'll continue to assess the performance and tweak areas needing improvement.




 “The opposite of a good idea can be another good idea.”
Rory Sutherland

This works best for businesses that...

Doesn't work

  • For E-COMMERCE Stores
  • Customer/client is worth <$1000
  • You have no technical skills
  • You’re looking for THE latest hack or “get rich quick”


  • Have Customer LTV of $2,000 or more
  • Provide a B2B Service
  • With Case Studies 
  • Move fast & Don’t Require Months of Sales Process

Meet the Expert: Your Guide to B2B Relationship Building

For 2 years (with change) I’ve run a cold email agency – Killer Cold Email. During that time I developed a unique email personalization system & training for copywriters.

Then, over the past couple of years, I’ve worked hand-in-hand with one of the top B2B marketing strategists & cold email copywriters – Nate Wright from B2B Bandits – helping dozens of companies with their B2B Sales & Marketing (mainly cold email & LinkedIn).

Finally, end of 2022, together with Nate we’ve distilled battle-tested principles that his team at B2B Bandits has learned the hard way over 13 years and 21,000 email campaigns. And examined them through the lens of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. The result? A 5-part book: The Art of War of the Inbox . – synthesizing 

“The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The true dangerous thing is asking the wrong questions.”

Peter Drucker

Ready to Build Bridges? Take the Next Step...

Rapid-Results Diagnostic

Solve any of your cold email-related *pesky* problems or answer any burning question.
$ 149 One-Off
  • Call duration as long as you need (usually 90 minutes)
  • A list of key takeaways and actionable steps to take
  • 1 week of email access to me for follow-up questions
  • Pre-call preparation and clearly-defined takeaways
  • Call recording available upon request
40 % OFF

🔭Level 1: Growth Explorer

Ideal for those who are just starting with cold email campaigns or want to test new market/niches.
$ 750 Per Month
  • Bespoke Email Sequences: Collaboratively craft a targeted and personalized email campaign to reach your ideal clients and generate leads.
  • Weekly Consultation & Training Calls: Enjoy a 45-minute call every week to discuss progress, learn cold email strategies, and gain insights for self-management.
  • Market Testing & Experimentation: Work together to test new niches, markets, or client segments to discover untapped opportunities.
  • Email Support & Guidance: Access ongoing email support to address any questions or concerns and receive guidance on managing the campaign.

🏆Level 2: Market Dominator

Take your cold email campaigns to the next level and achieve remarkable results.
$ 1875 Depending on Scope
  • Everything in the "Growth Explorer" tier, plus:
  • Extra Email Sequences: Additional email sequences to test market/niches/USPs in parallel.
  • Custom Targeted Lists: Work together to build laser-targeted email lists tailored to your specific target audience.
  • In-Depth Training: Provide extensive training on cold email strategies, list building, and managing email campaigns effectively.
  • Priority Support & Training: Receive priority email support and training to ensure you are well-equipped to manage campaigns independently.

Yes. I provide guidance on best days and times to send emails based on my personal experience over years of testing.

Yes, I provide guidance and strategies for list-building, helping you identify and source targeted contacts based on your ideal client profile. We’ll assist you in creating a laser-focused prospect list to maximize the effectiveness of your cold email campaigns.

While I cannot guarantee specific results as every business and campaign is unique, my proven strategies and personalized approach have helped numerous clients achieve significant improvements in their B2B email campaigns. I work closely with you to optimize your campaigns and maximize your chances of success.

I’m afraid not. Cold outbound lead generation and warm opt-in lists are two different things. This gig is strictly for cold outbound email lead generation to people and businesses that have never heard of you or from you before.

I understand that budgets can vary, and we offer flexible options to accommodate different needs. My consultation call provides valuable insights and actionable steps at an affordable rate. Additionally, my custom-tailored package allows you to select specific services based on your budget and priorities, ensuring you get the most value from my expertise.

I don’t need to have it. Cold email is all about getting attention and selling you as a person, rather than your product or service.

Results can vary depending on various factors, including your industry, target audience, and campaign strategy. While some clients have experienced positive results within a short period, it’s important to understand that building successful B2B relationships through email takes time and consistent effort. I’ll  guide you through the process and help you optimize your campaigns for long-term success.

🤝 Service Guarantee - 100% Money-Back

 If you’re unsatisfied for any reason after the consultation, I’ll refund my entire fee in full. After that, there are no refunds under any circumstances.

My results are proven.
But hey don't take my word for it...

"Konrad is a pro when it comes to B2B cold email campaigns. He took care of the campaign from start to finish. Everything from strategy through copywriting to list building. Campaign was quite the success - 13 calls in 1 month. We only worked for a month because I wanted to run a test. A great guy who knows his stuff! I highly recommend Konrad and his team at Killer Cold Email."
"Konrad helped me out big time when I was launching my Cold Email campaign. He gave me a ton of advice. I did what he said. It worked. He went out of his way to help without any intentions. A great guy who knows his stuff! You should absolutely work with Konrad."
Dawson Wood
Manager @ APAC Imports
"At the beginning of our B2B outreach strategy, we didn’t have much of an idea of where to start. Konrad & Killer Cold Email crafted and executed the end-to-end cold emailing outreach strategy for our business that opened up 21 new business opportunities and brought us 6 deals in one month’s time."
"Konrad was an absolute champion! He did the job to the highest level I could expect from anyone. Great emails will a different tone of voice. Looking forward to using them! He was very patient and knowledgeable."
"Konrad is a whip-smart marketing strategist, and unconventional (and crazy-effective) email / landing page copywriter."
"Konrad was easy to work & communicate with. He brought some good ideas to the cold emailing project and helped me reduce my bounce rate. Would hire him again."

Oh..and these are not made up 🙂 Check UpWork profile & LinkedIn.

✋Stop Trying to Do It (Hans) Solo.

Let’s join forces and unlock the full potential of your outreach strategy together. Don’t let pricing or specific features hold you back – I’m sure we can find a way around whatever is holding you back.

Book a discovery call today and let my expertise be the missing piece to your email marketing puzzle.

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