Influence Brokers for Business Experts

Climb the mountain of influence, become the shark *ahem* go-to guy in your industry, and make shit happen like nobody’s business.

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“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

Get Good, Get Connected,

Get Paid What You're Worth

Make Shit Happen Like Nobody’s Business

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Silence the Imposter Monster

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Leave your competition behind

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Who We Can Help

  • You’ve got great (or unsettling) ideas about your corner of the business world
  • You have a skill, perspective, or experience that sets you above your competition.
  • You feel (and sound) competent in a live, unscripted setting – a.k.a. confident
  • You work in competitor-infested ‘business waters’ 
Good Doctor

Who We Say No To

  • You’re a jack/jill of all trades
  • You’re not established in your vertical
  • You’re terrified of live engagements

Some Of Our Influence Wins

Smart Voodoo Skeptics

Ask These

The building and brokering of influence is highly irrational. Shamans in America thousands of years ago did not know WHY willow bark tea would cure a headache, but with observation, experimentation and human intuition they discovered the connection and solved the problem.

In modern terms in our real-world experience, it makes ZERO sense how a video interview placement that is seen by 585 people yielded $12,323 in new business, yet a press piece in Bloomberg seen by 100,000 people yielded nothing. Yet, when properly timed and targeted, these points of leverage can create huge gains in your business.

I could probably muster up dozens of studies covering behavioral economics, sociological trends, business theory and logical fallacies to explain some of this — but that would be a raging case of confirmation bias, that I think we all could do without.

More influence and status. People that SHOULD care about you and your business, WILL care enough to take a call from you (or buy from you when they see you are actually a legit badass of business). If you want to look at metrics, you’ve come to the wrong place.
The closest measurement you’ll find in your analytics dashboard is new, high quality “Referral” traffic, but we’ve seen the most direct revenue bumps in the existing sales opportunities. If a dream client is considering three medtech consultants, and see your expertise has been validated on 2 niche-established podcasts and a trade journal’s recent Expert Roundup, you’ll likely win that gig.

Weeks, months and years. Our team works hard to combine and blend the placements to give you short-, mid- and long-term growth in status and influence. If you are looking for immediate traffic and attention, you should look into paid ads. Voodoo Influence is designed to elevate you above your competition, shine a spotlight on your actual talents in business, and validate your expertise in the circles that should care.

Any opportunity wholly generated by Voodoo Influence which is likely to raise your status or strengthen your influence. If you are looking to get showcased on other people’s platforms, a placement could be a booked podcast interview for an ‘expert roundup’ blog post. If you are open to showcasing influencers, a placement could include having someone who’s a bigger deal than you agreeing to a webinar appearance.
There are similarities. Some of our clients have ‘graduated out’ of our program to get a publicist or a PR team to get them in the big media outlets. Most of our clients are in industries that can be better navigated with the type of status and influence building we offer.
We prep all of our clients with info on the interviewer/influencer, ideal conversation topics and some tips to make the experience more natural.

Voodoo Demisitifed

Voodoo Demystified

About The Whacky World of Perception-Hacking

Voodoo Alchemy Principles

  1. No best practices.
  2. Don’t fight fair.
  3. Fear the obvious.
  4. Be unpredictable.
  5. All profit comes from risk
  6. Marketing & Strategy are ONE discipline (especially if you’re small).
  7. Exponential/breakthrough results cannot come from incremental improvements.
  8. The only medium that doesn’t and hasn’t changed is people
  9. Influence > Popularity
  10. Two ways to fight/play: Direct and In-direct (asymmetrical)
  11. Different > Better
  12. Loops & Flywheels > Funnels
  13. Content  = New Testimonial
  14. Communities & Niches > “Social Media”
  15. Build a community, not an audience.
  16. End of credentialism – titles don’t work as well as they used to.
  17. Impact before persuasion.
  18. Perception before logic.
  19. Marketing (and innovation) are the only two sources of value.
  20. The most powerful marketing force is still…word of mouth.
  21. Packaging IS the product.
  22. Marketing taps into an existing desire, otherwise, it’s education.
  23. Not everything that counts can be measured, and not everything that can be measured – counts.
  24. Growing influence doesn’t flow in straight lines.
  25. There’s no good way to execute a bad idea.
  26. The opposite of a good idea can be another good idea.
  27. Creativity might be the last unfair advantage.
  28. Strategy is NOT a collection of tactics, best practices, or formulas.
  29. All prices are contextual.
  30. What got you here, won’t get you there. Today’s problems come from yesterday’s solutions.
  31. The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.
  32. Brand = 1 (and only) image in your prospect’s mind.
  33. All data is about the past. 

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