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Dear listener (or soon-to-be listener)…

The Quest for Questions podcast is a place where up-n-coming entrepreneurs from around the world, just like you, learn how to navigate the ever-changing world of distorted reality.

A world where there is no such thing as neutral media.

A world where everybody has the answers, but almost no one stops to ask the right questions.

  • Why do we do what we do?
  • What makes a person successful?
  • What makes a person a sociopath?


The goal of this podcast & YouTube channel is to use my curiosity-driven nature & non-American perspective to ask these uncommon questions and go down the rabbit hole of TRUTH. And the TRUTH is found is nuance.

 “Having the right answer is smart, but having the right question is genius.” – Keith Cunningham.

Besides human psychology lessons, business talk & interviews with experts, you can expect me to spice things up a bit and throw a touch of banter into the podcasting blender.

Let’s discuss ideas, not each other, and escape the MATRIX together!

Be warned: No political-correctness in this house.

Fun fact: “You’re 31% smarter when you’re in a positive frame of mind”

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A little bit about the Host

Konrad "Yerba Mate Addict" Cichawa

Hey Hey. 

Konrad here.

A little backstory about me in a nutshell…

Born and raised in the country full of Polish people – Poland. In a unknown 3rd biggest city – Lodz.

Decided that collage is not for me. Instead I chose hardcore travels as my school.

First, hitchhiked around Iceland for 1 month – survived.

Then, hitchhiked & voluntereed in South America (Chile, Argentina, Paraguay) – learned patience.

Finally, cycled (on a bicycle, yes :D) from Mexico to Colombia. Well, Panama, and then sailed from Panama to Colombia 🙂

At the end of that last trip I decided to dip my toes into business…

And here I am now, writing to you and having a go at this thing called podcast.


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