One of those awe-inspiring places where I had the pleasure of pitching a tent. Hardest part? Pitching a tent when wind's blowing 100km/h.

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Hey Hey.

Konrad here.

A little backstory about me in a nutshell… (why do we use that word again?)

Born and raised in the country full of Polish people – Poland. In an unknown 3rd biggest city – Lodz.

At age 20, shortly after enrolling in college as an aspiring IT student, I decided that college and the whole traditional education system is not for me. No, I was not forced  😀

Against the seemingly better judgment of everyone around me I chose hardcore travels (or should I say – vagabonding) as my school of life.

And lemme tell you – what a school that was…

First, hitchhiked and pitched a tent around Iceland (mostly legally *wink wink*) for a full month. Slept in awe-inspiring places (see photo on the left), bathed in ball-burning hot springs, and practiced the art of survival. The key word being – survival.

I was a green-headed novice at the time…keep in mind it was the first time I’ve done any of that stuff.


“What we do NOW, echoes in eternity” 
– Maximus (Gladiator)

Not too long after that, I decided to take my adventure-seeking talents to South America, starting in Chile.

South America was recommended to me as the most secure place on Earth (I jest, of course) and Chile was a random point on the map that my finger decided to pick.

While it’s quite tough to summarize 6 months of hitchhiking, volunteering and wandering around X, Y and Z in a couple of sentences…I hope you’ll appreciate the effort :D.

I spent the first part of the 6-month voyage volunteering in couple of places – trying to a) learn Spanish b) figure out what to do and where to go.

After roughly 2 and a half months, my Polish friend Peter (street name: Siwy) joined my company and together we went off into the wilderness of Chile, Argentina and Paraguay.

The big theme during these months was…*wait for it*… patience.

Two men trying to catch a car-hike is not a recipe for fast-paced transit.

Other than that “problem”, nothing but great people, great experiences and great memories.




How do you summarize 6 months in one photo?

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Finally….(I hope you can spot the pattern of knuckle-headeadness already) together with the same friend cycled (on a bicycle, yes) from Mexico to Colombia. Well, to Panama, and then sailed from Panama to Colombia.

Definitely the hardest, yet most rewarding adventure of my life. If I had to assign a keyword it would be endurance/grit.

Again roughly for 6 months we slept around in a tent, more often on gas, firefighter and police stations, than on nice camping grounds.  


At the end of that last trip I decided that I should stop running away from “life” and dip my toes into business…


“Jokes? There are no jokes. The truth is the funniest joke of all.”

– Muhammad Ali

This past 2 years has been a journey of navigating the world of “how to make money” if you don’t want to get a corporate job and don’t have a collage degree.

In the “cool cousin” LinkedIn slag it would be something like – entrepreneurship?

Ups and down. Progress and stalls. Failures and successes. 

Copywriting on UpWork, email marketing for COVID-19 mask suppliers, and trying to get my first “cool” project (Voodoo Influence) off the ground. 

Which brings me to my latest “venture” and where we are NOW – the “Quest for Questions” podcast and the rest  of stuff surrounding it.

Hopefully I didn’t bore you to death.

The truth is – I still haven’t “found what I was looking for”, but what is found is that life is calling me to have a solid crack at this thing called interviewing and having discussions about all kinds of stuff with interesting people.

Trying to grow it into one of the best shows on the planet Earth. Not through great marketing, but quality of content.

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