What IS Copywriting & What Does A Copywriter Actually Do? (Not What You Think)

Show Notes: 🔥 If you are anything like me, when you first heard the term “copywriting”, it seems like a fugazi (fairy dust). It also doesn’t help that when you Google copywriting, there are a bunch of contradicting definitions. In this video, I’m explaining what copywriting is, what copywriting isn’t and why you should seriously […]

Can You Become A Copywriter As A Non-Native English Speaker ? (The Harsh Truth)

Simply put, being a native English speaker does not guarantee you’ll become a great copywriter. However, if you are not highly proficient in English and you don’t know the UK/US culture – you’ll 100% fail… Like the show? Please subscribe & leave a review — (even one sentence helps): Show Website Subscribe on YouTube Subscribe […]

⭐Golden Rule of Cold Email

🔥 Like with everything, there are tactics and there are strategies & principles. Cold email is no different. Today, I’m sharing with you the golden rule of cold email, that when applied will help you create unlimited amount of converting cold emails. Top Takeaways:✅ The more you talk about the other person the more time […]

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