Today, we're joined by Nate Wright, my ex-mentor, a maverick in the B2B marketing landscape, and the founder of B2B Bandits β€” a top 1% Email & B2B Sales agency that's been at the forefront of innovative email marketing strategies for almost 15 years.

Nate's past 2-year journey through the tumultuous world of sales and marketing has seen him navigate through the rise and fall of crypto, the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, and the disruptive wave of AI technology.

Despite the demise of more than 60% of marketing agencies in the U.S., his ability to adapt and pivot in the face of these cascading changes has allowed him & his team to stay in the game and live to fight another day (or rather a decade)

πŸ“‹ In our conversation, we'll explore 3 key dimensions:

πŸ“‹1️⃣ THE PAST: How the seismic shifts in the marketing space over the last two years have impacted Nate's approach and what lessons he's learned from adapting to these changes.

2️⃣THE PRESENT: Nate's insights into the current state of B2B marketing, the challenges of building genuine human connections in a digital age, and the strategies that are proving most effective today.

3️⃣THE FUTURE: Nate's bold predictions for the coming years and how he's steering his business to not only survive but thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Join me, Konrad, your host, as we uncover the strategies and mindsets that have allowed Nate Wright to remain a formidable force in B2B marketing.

Whether you're a seasoned founder, marketer, or just starting out, this is a conversation you won't want to miss.

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