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Human Nature from Caveman to Homo Deus: 30 Years of Wisdom in History, Biology & Science | Interview w/ Frank Forencich
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Human Nature from Caveman to Homo Deus: 30 Years of Wisdom in Anthropology w/ Frank Forencich

Show Notes:

Today’s guest is a walking reminder of our human origins, or said differently, how we as humans used to live & think for 99% of the time on Earth. The main challenge he’s been tackling for over 30 years now is:  

“How do we retain some sense of our ancestry and our ancestral ways while making it work in the modern world & environment.”

And as Frank beautifully put it, the challenge isn’t small, because:  “We’re just animals who are trying to function in an alien environment. We’re all trying to adapt to this world, that we don’t really understand.”

The 3 main questions me & Frank are exploring today:

❓ What caused the big shift from humans living in harmony with Nature, and the present moment, where it’s a Man against Nature, trying to master it.

❓ Why a trip to the Ground ZERO of Human experience, which is Africa and its native Tribes, changed Frank‘s perspective on the human condition – forever

❓ What is the unifying story that will bring, us humans, together, moving forward?

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