What The Heck Makes Someone An Influential Person? | John Ball

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Quest for Questions
Quest for Questions
What The Heck Makes Someone An Influential Person? | John Ball
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Welcome to the Quest For Questions podcast, today’s guest has been helping professional people worldwide grow and develop as public speakers, coaches, and trainers for over 12 years.

In his personal life, he went from working as a flight attendant to joining an NLP cult to finally teaching people & businesses about the ethical side of influence & persuasion.

On the business side, he’s the Founder of PresentInfluence where he helps business owners and professionals stand out as charismatic presenters and leaders in their industry.

And also, the Founder of Success Books Review Club – a YouTube-based blog reviewing the best of personal and professional development books

The 3 main questions me & John are exploring today:

  • What’s the difference between influence and persuasion?
  • Why you need to master public speaking & presentation skills if you want to become an influential person/authority figure in any field
  • How to go from an expert to an authority figure in your field and sell effectively without losing your soul?

This is Konrad Yerba Mate addict and here’s a conversation with competition-winning public speaker & the host of Speaking of Influence Podcast – John Ball. Enjoy!

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