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Welcome to the quest for questions podcast, today’s guest is someone who went from living an ordinary life in a small town in England to becoming an adventurer, multiple book author and enrichment Speaker. In the meantime, he also co-founded a software dev business which he sold after 15 years to fund his adventures all around the world. Just like me, he picked up the so-called travel bug early in his life and then slowly grew while travelling extensively on business for over 30 years. He visited over 90 countries to this day. One of my favourite quotes I got from him(and one we discuss in the interview) is “The Best degree you can have is degree on common sense.” I wholeheartedly agree. Here are the 3 main questions me and Malcolm explore today:
  • Why the most important degree in life, is a degree in common sense? And how do you earn that degree?
  • Why the company’s biggest asset are employees and how to spot & hire the true A-players?
  • How do you prepare for a business meeting in a foreign country (or a business from abroad)?
This is Konrad Yerba Mate Addict, and here’s a conversation with a life-long learner who keeps discovering how the rest of the world works, the one and only Malcolm Teasdale. Enjoy!

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