Thrive in Chaos, Challenge the Norm & Create a Better Future | Takatoshi Shibayama

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Quest for Questions
Quest for Questions
Thrive in Chaos, Challenge the Norm & Create a Better Future | Takatoshi Shibayama
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Show Notes:

Joining me today is someone who was either thrown or intentionally threw himself into chaos since he was 5 years old. Taka, went from trading on Wallstreet for the likes of JP Morgan, through 17 years of investing for big-ass hedge funds to founding two businesses in the blockchain space.

From moving back n’ forth between Japan and the U.S since he was a little kid to finally settling down in Singapore with his family. I promise you, he’s seen it all and is as wise as an old tree.

3 things you’re going to learn today;

  • How to achieve mastery in any skill or pursuit in life, based on ancient Japanese philosophy
  • How to think and what to do when starting a business & becoming an entrepreneur
  • What, as westerners, we can take away from eastern culture and society

We also touched on the state & future of blockchain, his Future Design podcasting project & a few other topics.

This is Konrad Yerba Mate Addict, and here’s my conversation with one and only Takatoshi Shibayama. Enjoy!

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